4/1/2020 - District Update

4/1/2020 - District Update
Posted on 03/31/2020
Fort Sage LogoApril 1, 2020

Dear, Students, Families and Caregivers:

In response to the continued “shelter in place” and social distancing practices, The District has been developing a plan for meeting the needs of Fort Sage Unified School District students.

The current plan is for school sites and classrooms to remain closed to students and the general public until further notice. Teachers and support staff may be working both at home and periodically at the site to provide services to the district and families, however the offices will remain closed. Please do not attempt to enter the buildings or facilities during this time. We want to honor the social distancing and limited group interactions issued by the State of California.

We know that some of the students in each of our schools did not take-home technology (e.g., Chromebooks and Mobile Hotspots) and we will attempt to schedule times for parents to retrieve these items.  Teachers are working to update their Google Classrooms and Daily Lesson Plans to align with the remote classrooms. We have elected to conduct all our instruction online and through Google Classroom.We will not beissuing paper packets nor accepting work printed from home to protect the health and safety of our staff.There are many complications and requirements associated with any other type of learning opportunities and it is logistically not practical or sustainable to explore these options.

We understand the constraints of students being home and we will do our best to be empathetic and compassionate to the frustration, anxiety and tension mounting from this transition. The teachers have been instructed to focus on reteaching standards from Quarter 3 at the High School and Middle School and the 2ndTrimester at the Elementary. We don’t want students to be overwhelmed with new material considering we haven’t been in school for a while. Teachers have been asked not to overwhelm families with excessive material and extremely difficult content area standards or projects because many families work or have multiple children at home, and it could become a logistical issue.

Students are expected to check their Google Classrooms daily. This is how we will take attendance. They are expected to do their assignments and submit them to Google Classroom. They are encouraged to download the Google Classroom App if they have a cell phone or tablet. It will provide daily notices and updates without having to log in. For those without the ability to download the app, they must log in daily using their Chromebook.

I am encouraging students to go back to their previous assignments and tests and improve their grade. If they have failed a test or assignment, ask to redo and make up the assignment as the most recent grading report will be averaged into the final grade. After April 14, 2020 late work and re-taking tests will be at the discretion of the teacher. Students are also encouraged to contact the teacher through Google Classroom if they need help.

Please let me remind everyone, the goal is to provide remote/distance instruction and assigned work, with extra support provided for students to the extent possible. Tuesday April 14, 2020 students will be expected to log  into Google  Classroom  for  their  assigned  teachers  and  complete  the  activities  and  assignments.  These assignments will be graded and count toward 4thQuarter Grades at FSMS/HHS and 3rdTrimesterGrades at Sierra Primary School. All assignments will be graded.

Students with Individualized Education Plans will be contacted by the district to set up appointments or considerations for related services. Students with Individual Education Plans, Ms. Laughlin, will have a Google Classroom and office hours where she can provide assistance and mitigate accommodations.

This is the first time our Nation and the entire Global community has experienced a pandemic of this caliber.  It  has  virtually  shut  down  our  entire  economy  and  education  systems. We  can  learn  from  other communities who have experienced tragedies (e.g., wildfires, floods, droughts, community violence, hurricanes, tornados, etc.) and their schools where destroyed or shut down. Children areresilient and I am confident our students will overcome this adversity like so many other children across our nation. I am certain our community will pull together and show kindness, charity, generosity, compassion, empathy and occasionally a smile.

I recognize your fears and frustrations,but please understand we are learning as we go. I am certain we will error and make mistakes, but we will preserver. I know many questions go unanswered and there are many opinions and misinformation (rumors); not to mention we are a government establishment and there is a ton of bureaucracy and red tape.  Please remember the faculty and staff are also human, have families, health concerns and emotions. Many are just as frustrated, tense and scared as you. Together as a team we can overcome and move forward and I know this community is built on a strong tradition of teamwork and respect.

We  are  scheduled  for  Spring  Break  April  6 –April  13.  The  offices  and  all  communications  will  be completely closed. We want our employees and families to try and relax and take time to value family and friends. I hope all of you can find time to celebrate and rejuvenate.

Please look for additional communication and direction from the district and/or school in the next couple of  weeks  as information  continues  to  change  daily,  and  it  is  my  goal  to  keep  you  informed  with  the  same information I receive.We are updating the District website and our Official Facebook pages as information becomes available to us. Please visit these resources frequently to stay informed on school related matters.  Thank you for your patience, consideration and commitment to Fort Sage Unified School District and the students we serve. We appreciate your support and stay healthy.


Dr. Christopher Bonn
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