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  • Do not leave Chromebooks unattended anywhere other than their respective charging docks after school is over.  If you take home your assigned chromebook or are otherwise allowed to take your assigned chromebook home, you may do so.
  • Do not borrow Chromebooks that are not assigned to you unless approved by a teacher. Return to Teacher or Assigned Student when completed with the assignment(s).
  • Do not remove Chromebooks from classrooms to use if they are not assigned to you
  • Do not remove nametag stickers
  • Do not remove Factory stickers or logos.
  • Handle delicately; computers are fragile if mishandled. Open and close unit slowly to avoid damage. Do not touch screen, do not use force or pinch parts that are close to the screen.
hot spots

hot spots

  • Do not remove stickers from unit or box
  • Keep Box and all Contents